The Counsellor

Group learning is a powerful tool when it comes to addressing topics such as forgiveness, emotions, and spirituality. The benefits of group learning are numerous including building openness and realness, providing peer support and breaking through shame.

As a public speaker and teacher, I tailor all of my presentations to suit a group’s needs and schedule.  

One-Day Workshops

Weekend Conferences

Weekly sessions for local groups 

Some of the seminars and workshops I’ve given including the following:

*Changing Your Thinking     

*Communication Skills/Active Listening   

*Emotions: How they reveal your deepest God questions

*Forgiveness: The Key to Freedom      
*Grief and Grieving

*Humour and Healing                            
*LIFE AS STORY (Writing your story)

*Spiritual Growth

Do you have an idea about another topic? Are you not sure what topic to choose? Contact me and we’ll discuss your group and its needs.