The Counsellor

My role is not to fix you; it’s to help you realize your own unique potential. I will teach you physiological and cognitive strategies to assist you in your healing. Then together we will explore what factors may be keeping you from living your life to it's fullest.

Below are some of the issues or topics that I address with clients during counselling sessions. Please note that this is not a complete list. If you struggle with something that is not listed, please contact me and together we can determine a course of action.

·      Abuse: Emotional, sexual, spiritual     
·      Addiction/Co-Addiction ·     
·      Anger Management
·      Anxiety/Fears/Worry
·      Boundaries, Establishing and Maintaining
·      Caregiver Self Care/Burnout Prevention
·      Communication Issues and Development
·      Depression 
·      Eating Disorders
·      Forgiveness, Self and Others
·      Individual Growth
·      Loss and grief
·      Personal Growth and Issues
·      Panic and Panic Attacks
·      Relationship Concerns
·      Self Injury / Cutting
·      Self Esteem
·      Sexuality
·      Stress Management
·      Spiritual Growth
·      Trauma Counselling

Sometimes the most difficult part about counselling is contacting the counsellor. If you’re nervous or doubtful, that’s normal. Why don’t you take the first step today and contact me? Then you can decide how to proceed once we’ve spoken.  

To book your first counseling session, contact me today by email at     hellen@hellenkrahn.com or at the form provided on the contact page.